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Christians for Ukraine are dependent on volunteers from churches and organizations around the world. If you are able to gather a team, organize transport and accommodation in Lublin, Poland, it would be of great help for the local community in Lublin.

Volunteering is needed in the following areas:


Logistic Centre

The logistic centre is a big warehouse where food, medicine and necessities are packed and re-packed in big trucks to be sent into Lviv, Ukraine on a weekly basis.


Refugee Centres

The refugee centres are different houses and apartments filled with Ukrainian refugees in need of food, shelter and help to find their next step. Russian-speaking volunteers are of preference.

Important to know

Because of the dynamics of the situation the volunteers that are coming will have to manage themselves, when it comes to place to sleep, food and transportation. The work here can change from day to day, so volunteers need to stay flexible and ready to serve where there is a need.

Anyone who wants to come down will also first need to be in contact with us, so we can coordinate it with other people coming down. We therefore ask that you take the time to fill out the form below.

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