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Christians for Ukraine is a non-profit organization

consisting of a network of churches and organizations

based in Lublin, Poland, with support from around the world

that seeks to help and aid Ukrainian refugees.


The organisation was founded in February 2022 for the sole purpose to ease the suffering of the victims caused by the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

The founders of the organisation are:

  • Centrum Church in Lublin, Poland

  • Charisma Church in Lublin, Poland

  • Christian Medical and Dental Association CMDA Sweden

  • Dr Rudolf Myhovch in Lviv, Ukraine

  • Heart of Evangelism in Sweden

  • Word of Life in Uppsala, Sweden

  • Word of Life in Ukraine

  • Kirken i Kultursentret (Pentecostal Church) in Copenhagen, Denmark


The organization is built on 3 pillars:

1. “The Pipeline”

2. The Refugee Centres

3. Finding long term solutions


The pipeline

The Pipeline is a transport line from Sweden, Denmark, England, Scotland, Ireland, and Spain. Trucks are filled with food, medicine, and necessary supplies each week and pass through our logistic centre in Lublin, Poland. An efficient transportation system has been established with Ukrainian and Polish drivers that deliver to "Hot Spots" like Kyiv, Kharkiv and Odesa within 48 hours from crossing the Ukrainian border. 


In Lviv, Ukraine, we also have a logistic centre for medicine and hospital supplies managed by Dr Rudolf Myhovch. Through massive cooperation with KLM in Sweden and England, every medicine transport is possible.

Refugee Centres

The Refugee Centres are an integral part of helping Ukrainian refugees, as most of them are in need to be hosted on their way to safety. With a total of 15 centres in both Ukraine and Poland, each centre serves as a re-charging point along the way. 


1. Lviv, Ukraine

In Lviv, there is a total of three centres that hosts around 100-120 people on a daily. The shelters provide places to sleep, two hot meals a day and a ride to the border for those who want to leave Ukraine.

2. Khmelnytskyi, Ukraine

Transit centre for refugees. Khmelnytskyi is situated about halfway from Kyiv to Western Ukraine. The centre hosts around 150-200 a night as many refugees need a night's sleep and a hot meal. There's also an opportunity for a more extended stay for those who need it. 


3. Zakarpattia, Ukraine

Polyana centre in Zakarpattia has a capacity of 50 people who stay there 1-5 nights on average before they go further west. Free food packages and meals.


4. Poltava, Ukraine

In Poltava, the centre currently hosts 30-38 people daily, providing food, shelter and clothes. The centre also sends buses with food to Kharkiv and brings people back to Poltava for safety. 


5. Lublin, Poland

A group of 4 shelters, run together by churches in Lublin as part of the Christians for Ukraine initiative. Shelters provide short-term accommodation 1-7 days, entire board and assistance in finding transport to a destination in Poland and other European countries.

Long-term solution

Finding a long-term solution is about creating a new home for the beautiful people of Ukraine. Every family or person hosted are offered to be connected to people and churches in other countries that can take care of them upon arrival. This involves assisting in finding places to stay, inviting them into their homes, finding a job, financially supporting them, and connecting them to churches. 

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